Slow, but steady day. After a weekend trip to Frankfurt am Main have I felt a bit spaced out and like I needed my self.

After work today I decided to really go to outer space and visit the space station Deep Space 9. It is in the Star Trek universe. To be honest, it is the first season I watch now, and it is not that good. Sometimes the stories are some entertaining, but there is a bit too much fantasy in it. Science Fiction for me needs to stick to some basic rules of physics. Within these the imagination can bloom.

To keep me company I had my two weimaraner dogs, Cheri and Tron. They where, to be fair, not that interested in Deep Space 9. They just like to hang out with me in the bed, snuggle and perhaps play a bit around.

I just managed to watch the end of the episode, switch to Euronews for the headlines, but my eyes could not keep them open.

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